The New “Golden Age” of TV: In an era of proliferating options, how do consumers find, choose, and consume TV content?


Few industries have been disrupted by technology as fundamentally or as fast

Today’s TV decision-makers face new challenges:

  • Linear viewing of shows (and the ads that go with them) is declining.  While on-demand sources and entirely new ways of watching (like binge viewing) have changed how viewers allocate their TV time and money
  • TV providers could once manage and control the roll-out of new technology and capabilities.  But today, the pace of change is driven purely by market demand.
  • New shows are more numerous (and more expensive) than ever before.  But a viewer’s day is still only 24 hours long. How can new shows break through the clutter to win an audience?

The good news: technology has also made TV a more compelling form of entertainment. More TV content is being consumed.  Consumers have more ways to engage with shows they love.  And new screens have made TV an option in times and places it never was before.

Through our custom research and our Hub Reports subscription, we help our clients to navigate these challenges and act upon the opportunities.

“We’re in a third golden age of television…the audience doesn’t care about the platform.  They care about the content.” – Kevin Spacey

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