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Jon Giegengack founded Hub in 2013 as the convergence of technology and entertainment was exploding. Giegengack’s aim was to provide real-time, customized insights about the changing world of television and digital entertainment, from connectivity and consumption to future usage and trend patterns. Giegengack and the Hub team work with leading media and entertainment brands, including HBO, Comcast, Netflix, Time Warner, Sony, AMC and AT&T. He worked in entertainment market research for fifteen years prior to starting Hub, including ten years at CMB in Boston.

Based in NH but frequently on the road, Giegengack is a regular speaker at industry events on the topics of content consumption and technology influences and has been quoted in publications such as MediaPost, Adweek, Multichannel News and eMarketer.

Would you like to know more about Jon? Contact him at jong@hubresearchllc.com

Peter Fondulas Principal

Peter Fondulas


Peter Fondulas has been directing market research projects for more than 25 years. He specializes in research and consulting for the media and entertainment industries, with a focus on digital content and user interfaces, and a special emphasis on helping TV and media companies transition most effectively to the new digital environment. Fondulas has conducted research for a wide variety of companies in the entertainment industry, including NBC, DIRECTV, HBO, AMC, Viacom, Netflix, Hulu, Time Inc., the MPAA, and the RIAA.

Fondulas also has strong experience conducting research to inform all aspects of clients’ marketing initiatives, including studies to assess brand awareness and image, the market opportunity for new products or services, optimal product design and pricing, customer satisfaction, consumer purchase patterns and trends, and strategies for customer segmentation. His previous experience includes twenty years as executive vice president of the Taylor Research & Consulting Group
and four years as project director at Louis Harris & Associates.

Fondulas speaks regularly at industry conferences and has been quoted frequently in such publications as MediaPost, Broadcasting & Cable, eMarketer, and Multichannel News.

Would you like to know more about Peter and his dogs? Contact him at peterf@hubresearchllc.com

Our Mission Is Simple

Technology  has disrupted industries of all kinds. Entertainment is no exception. It’s changed how people find out about content, where they go first to consume it, the devices they use to access it, and how they pay for it (if they pay, at all).  It’s a time of upheaval, but also one of tremendous opportunity for companies that understand best and act first.

We created Hub to focus specifically on the intersection of technology and entertainment.  We’ve been tracking these trends from the time digital entertainment options first became available. Our mission: to provide clients with the most valuable entertainment marketing research and insight, packaged in a compelling story, at a reasonable price.


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