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Technology has given consumers exponentially more entertainment options, and fundamentally changed how they discover new content, which providers they get it from, and how they pay for it (if they pay, at all).  The ultimate competition is now for the one commodity that *isn’t* expanding:  disposable time.

We created Hub to focus on the intersection of technology and entertainment.   Our mission: to provide our clients with the insights to understand new behaviors best, and act on them first.



Jon Giegengack

Jon Giegengack


Jon Giegengack is the founder and principal at Hub Entertainment Research.  He launched Hub in 2013, as the convergence of technology and entertainment began to gain speed.  Jon recognized the need for real-time insight about the changing world of digital entertainment: from how people discover new content, to how they consume it, to how they pay for it (if they pay at all).

Jon and the Hub team work with leading entertainment brands including ABC, Comcast, Netflix, Sony, AMC and AT&T.  Jon has more than 20 years of experience in research for the entertainment industry.

Giegengack is a regular speaker at industry events, and his work has appeared in publications like Variety, The Wall Street Journal, Adweek, Multichannel News, and eMarketer.

Contact Jon at jong@hubresearchllc.com




From traditional pay TV to streaming providers to short form content on YouTube – video content has never been more compelling to consumers

  • Discovery: how people find new content, and how they decide what to watch
  • Choice:  what makes viewers choose one platform or provider over another
  • Monetization:  which content and features consumers are willing to pay for


Gaming has become the centerpiece of digital entertainment for many consumers.  Big titles have become cultural events akin to blockbuster movies, casual games and mobile devices make gaming a potential choice for any place and time, and eSports and free-to-play games have changed the way consumers discover and interact with content.

  • “Gaming 360”:  how much time and money consumers spend on games, which devices they use, and how gaming fits into overall entertainment choices and passions
  • Content:  what kinds of game content and experiences are in highest demand
  • Emerging:  demand for new forms of gaming content, like eSports, cloud gaming, and game subscriptions


The music industry was among the first forms of entertainment to face technology disruption, and trends there have been leading indicators for other entertainment categories.

  • Devices: how does choice and consumption vary by device – e.g. phones, tablets, home systems, smart speakers
  • Platforms:  which providers do consumers use for music, and how do they decide between ad-supported, subscription, and transactional music platforms?
  • Formats:  appeal and consumption of new audio formats, like podcasts and audiobooks
  • Discovery:  the impact of playlists, social media, or artist interaction on which new content consumers discover and use


In 2019 consumers have many entertainment sources that are ad-free.  But as the cost of streaming platforms rise, free ad-supported platforms become more attractive.  And new ad-tech holds the potential to make advertising more effective for brands, and more tolerable for consumers.

  • Ad-Tech:  how do more relevant ads, countdown clocks, and other factors impact viewer satisfaction and engagement
  • Devices:  how does the advertising experience differ by device or by screen
  • Influencers: how do partnerships with influencers complement traditional advertising vehicles
  • Branded content:  how do consumers feel about native ads in video, gaming, podcasts, etc.


The technology and devices consumers use to engage with entertainment are becoming more powerful, more connected, and have more applications.

  • New technology: from 4K/HDR video, to AR/VR, to smart TVs and smart speakers
  • Gaming: from AR/VR, to cloud gaming, to e-Sports
  • Voice Control:  the adoption and use cases of voice control, across content categories
  • Account Sharing: in the sharing economy, what does “piracy” mean to consumers

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