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Hub is a global, full service market research company.

In addition to our syndicated “Hub Reports,” we also specialize in custom research studies to help clients address the unique issues they’re wrestling with, from the strategic to the tactical. We’re experts in the full range of research methodologies, from large-scale quantitative studies to focus groups, in-depth interviews, and ethnographies.

We have a strong track record conducting research to help clients address their most pressing business questions, such as….

  • What consumer behaviors and trends will have the biggest impact on our business—and how can we adapt to those trends most effectively?
  • How satisfied and loyal are our customers—and what steps can we take to boost satisfaction?
  • What’s our brand image in the marketplace—and what strategies will ensure that marketplace perceptions align with our desired image?
  • What’s the potential for new products we’re developing—and how should they be configured and priced to maximize appeal?
  • What’s the best way to think of the market segments that exist in our industry, which segments are most lucrative—and how can we market to those segments most effectively?

Our goals for every custom research study: thoroughly understand the business need in all of its complexity, ensure that the study design comprehensively addresses that need, conduct the research with the utmost methodological rigor, and interpret the results in a way that will offer clear guidance for our clients.

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