TV Churn Tracker

Comprehensive Tracking Study Of Churn

The market for TV services is more crowded than ever. Virtual MVPDs have renewed the value proposition of live TV bundles. Netflix remains the 800-pound gorilla of SVODs, but Hulu and Amazon are both growing faster. Free ad-supported platforms like the Roku Channel and Tubi are attracting millions of viewers who have reached the limit of how many subscriptions they want to pay for.

Churn makes reading the landscape more difficult. Free trials and lack of contracts make it easier than ever for consumers to shift between platforms. And the launch of new options (like Disney+ or HBO Max), along with the shifting of key content away from some platforms and onto others, gives them more motivation to sign up or drop providers.

The Hub TV Churn Tracker is the most comprehensive tracking study of churn within and across providers. It supplements your first party subscriber data with context on adoption and churn for other pay TV, SVOD and AVOD services in the market: which platforms viewers are adding or dropping, and why.

Deliverables include: 

  • A continuously updated Churn Tracker Dashboard available online 24/7 to subscribers via password
  • Daily updates with completed survey information
  • Monthly and three-month average trending of key metrics
  • Users can drill down on results/trends for individual platforms, audience segments, and specific reasons for dropping/adding
  • Quarterly Report: Hub’s analysis and interpretation of the tracking data, delivered in a quarterly deck


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