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A cost effective source of continuous, customized data on key trends in video consumption

Even after years of disruption, the TV industry continues to evolve with no signs of slowing down.

Content:  TV companies’ spending on new content continues to gain speed, and more of that content is exclusive rather than licensed across platforms.  And new forms of content like premium short form, YouTube influencers, and eSports are changing the definition of “video entertainment”.

Providers:   The average viewer now watches from 4.5 different TV sources, making aggregators like pay TV operators more valuable.  Streaming providers continue to create an unprecedented number of new shows, and new players like Disney and Apple are poised to enter the game with destination content and low prices.

Consumers:  One thing that isn’t expanding:  disposable time.  Viewers have embraced new content and providers but are overwhelmed by the process of managing them. Unmet needs exist that didn’t just a few years ago, and opportunities exist for the first companies that solve them.

The Hub Reports have been conducted since 2013, and are used by nearly all major networks, distributors, and streaming providers.   There are 6 studies per year, each focused on a key aspect of how consumers choose, find, and watch video entertainment.   Including:

  • Pay TV: cord cutting, cord “shaving”, and the factors that drive them
  • Platforms: which providers consumers are using, and which are their “default”: the first thing they turn on when they want to watch TV
  • Discovery: how viewers find new shows, and how they decide to watch some and not others
  • Engagement: attributes of shows consumers stick with, and which they don’t
  • Providers: the attributes that make consumers choose one TV provider over alternatives
  • Monetization: the content and features that consumers are most willing to pay for – either by paying a fee, or by watching ads

Subscribers can include 3 proprietary questions in each survey to gather data on their viewers, subscribers, or target segments.

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