Today, Everyone’s a Potential Gamer.

With so many new ways to play, new ways to pay, and new digital paths to purchase. Where do the biggest opportunities lie?


Game On

Next-gen consoles, ubiquitous broadband and mobile devices have moved games from niche hobby to cultural touchstone.  But we’ve really only scratched the surface.

Hub helps developers and publishers create, market and grow their titles most successfully.

  • Gameplay and features: which elements of the gameplay experience keep people coming back for more, and which features add development cost without adding much “stickiness”?
  • Grow and keep: the best strategies to attract new players to established titles, without alienating the core players that got you here
  • Path to purchase: how do consumers learn about games, and which factors have the greatest impact on which games or add-ons they decide to buy and play over others?  How do publishers need to adapt as game sales go digital?
  • Games and the entertainment landscape: How does gaming fit into the “big picture” of entertainment time and spending, across categories?  How do experiences with other digital brands – Netflix, Spotify, Facebook, etc. – shape expectations about the experience of buying and playing games?

At Hub, we understand the business of gaming. But we’re also passionate players who love games, and understand the need to balance the art of creativity against the science of profitability.

“Videogames are bad for you?  That’s what they said about rock and roll”.  – Shigeru Miyamoto

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