The Medium Is the Message: Media companies have had to do much more than adapt to digital disruption—they’ve had to reinvent themselves to survive


Virtually every aspect of the media business has had to change as a result of evolving consumer behaviors and expectations

  • Distribution: Print products have been relegated to relic status for all but the oldest media consumers. Consumers still value the information media companies offer, but they want it delivered on the devices they already use.
  • Product: Information delivered monthly, weekly, or even daily no longer cuts it. Consumers expect that information will be continuously updated in real time—and served up in a way that takes full advantage of digital functionality.
  • Curation: The very idea of a media company deciding what stories are most important is antithetical in a world where consumers can now curate their own content.
  • Value: With so much information available for free online, media companies need to work harder to convince consumers to pay for their content. And they need to determine what type of pay model will be sustainable for the business and acceptable to consumers

The key to success for media companies is similar to that in other industries: leveraging the sovereignty of great content. At Hub, we have a strong track record of experience helping media companies successfully transition from the analog to the digital world.

“Lovers of print are simply confusing the plate for the food”– Douglas Adams, Author

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