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  • logo October 16, 2017

    5 Trends for Networks to Note

    Where, and how, TV viewers are watching is ever-evolving. Jon Giegengack, Principal and Founder of Hub Entertainment Research, the insights agency focused on the impact of technology on the way people discover, choose and consume media and entertainment content, offers some by-the-numbers intel.   Learn More>>

  • logo October 10, 2017

    TV Everywhere

    CTAM is leading an industry-wide collaboration to accelerate consumer awareness, understanding and usage of TV Everywhere. The TVE Steering Committee provides strategic direction for the Marketing Communications subcommittee and UX subcommittee to develop recommendations for consistent, effective messaging and user experiences.   Learn More>>

  • logo September 28, 2017

    To Disable Fast-Forwarding Or Not? That Is The Question!

    The rapid expansion of single provider and skinny bundle SVOD (streaming video-on-demand) services has unearthed an important question: Does disabling fast-forwarding hurt or help the ad-supported revenue model? New SVODs like YouTube TV are finding new ways to get into the “DVR Disabling” business, according to…

  • logo September 14, 2017

    Hulu usage growth surging ahead of Netflix and Amazon, research report says

    Sixty-four percent of TV viewers say they’re watching Hulu more than they were a year ago, according to a report published by Hub Entertainment Research. Hub surveyed 1,608 U.S. TV viewers in a report titled “TV Redefined,” that Multichannel News obtained. According to the report, 56% of respondents…

  • logo September 11, 2017

    SVOD Viewing Still Surging: Study

    The amount of time U.S. consumers are dedicating to subscription VOD services has risen sharply over the past year, Hub Entertainment Research found in a new study that also shed light on areas such as ad-skipping and service account sharing. Hub, in its TV Redefined study, which surveyed…

  • logo September 8, 2017

    Netflix is making gains on live TV as viewers’ first choice for watching shows

    Netflix’s subscriber count is soaring and the company is investing billions into original content, but according to a new report published by Marketing Charts today, live TV is still the first place around half of TV viewers go first when they want to watch a show. However, for roughly…

  • logo September 8, 2017

    Netflix is the Go-To Source of TV Programming For Almost 1 in 3 Subscribers

    What do do people turn to first when they want to watch a TV show? Turns out it’s still live TV for almost half of TV viewers, according to a recent Hub Entertainment Research study. Even so, about 1 in 4 turn to a subscription video-on-demand service…

  • logo September 8, 2017

    More Users Turning To Netflix, Inc. (NFLX) As First Choice To Watch TV Shows

    In many ways, Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) offers a viewing experience that is far superior to traditional television. There are no commercials, no fillers, and most TV series are offered as collection — perfect for binge watching. These factors are inspiring an increasing number of TV watchers to turn…

  • logo September 5, 2017

    Live TV Holding Off Netflix as First Choice for Viewing

    A third of Netflix subscribers turn to the SVOD service first when looking for something to watch. Live TV still remains the go to choice for nearly half of TV viewers when they want to find something to watch, but subscription video-on-demand services are closing the…

  • logo August 3, 2017

    Netflix Users Look to Amazon Instant Video and Hulu to Fill Content Gaps

    Netflix is still top dog among subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) providers, but Amazon and Hulu still play important roles in the space. Hub Research polled US TV viewers ages 16 to 74 who subscribed to SVOD services and watched 5 hours of TV per week. It found that…

  • logo August 1, 2017

    SVOD subscriptions become the norm

    Consumer appetite for content is going strong: Viewers watch 4 hours and 23 minutes on average per day. However, traditional TV viewing is declining while viewing of subscription video on demand (SVOD) services is growing. In fact, subscribing to a SVOD service is becoming the norm. Two-thirds…

  • logo July 27, 2017

    Netflix Doesn’t Need to Worry About Amazon or Hulu

    Over 50 million Americans subscribe to Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) as of the end of last quarter. That number completely dwarfs Hulu and the number of Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) Prime subscribers taking advantage of its video streaming feature. Hulu has over 12 million subscribers, and comScore estimates that just 17 million Prime subscribers stream content in any given month….

  • logo July 20, 2017

    Studies show rapid uptick in dual SVOD subscriptions

    The share of U.S. homes that subscribe to more than one of the major SVOD services has risen from 26% to 38% in just one year, according to Hub Entertainment Research. Meanwhile, the share of U.S. homes that subscribe to all three major SVOD platforms—Netflix, Amazon…

  • logo July 18, 2017

    Multiple SVODs Grow In U.S. TV Homes

    Multiple subscription video-on-demand (VOD) services in U.S. TV homes show continued growth. A recent study says 38% of TV homes subscribe to two or more major subscription VOD services such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. This is up from 26% a year ago, according to Hub…

  • logo May 11, 2017

    How TV Watching Is Changing, Fast

    It’s probably hard for media buyers bunched around New York and a few other big cities to recognize that not everybody is just like everybody they know. But it’s true. “Everybody” is not doing all the things you think they are. A new report from Hub…

  • logo May 11, 2017

    Viewers Spend Half a Day With Media, But Conflicting Views on ‘Where’

    Dueling data – that is, research findings that can prove anything you want – have always been one of my media obsessions. So this week’s crop of analytical research offers a bonanza, as well as a contradictory outlook, on how we’re watching the cornucopia of viewing…

  • logo May 11, 2017

    Cord-Cutting? Pay TV Business Mostly Unchanged

    Although cord-cutting continues to climb — with new digital TV services rising — the overall health of pay TV industry is relatively unchanged A new study says 88% of viewers with broadband have a pay TV subscription — statistically unchanged from 90% in 2014, according to Hub…

  • logo May 10, 2017

    Where Do Americans Watch TV? Hint: No, Not on Mobile

    TV viewers have an abundance of devices at their disposal to watch content whenever and however they want. But in the US, the big screen is still their preferred access point. That conclusion was underscored by data from market research firm Hub Research. It surveyed 2,026 US…

  • logo April 24, 2017

    Awareness of TV Everywhere hits 73% just in time for vMVPD revolution

    Its growth was long stunted simply because not enough people knew it even existed, but TV Everywhere has now reached an “aided awareness” level of 73%, according to the latest survey conducted by the Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM). The bad news, of course,…

  • logo April 21, 2017

    New Research Provides In-Depth Look At TV Everywhere Viewing

    CTAM and Hub Entertainment Research released results of a recent tracking study on TV Everywhere (TVE) viewing, based on reported consumer data collected continuously across a six-month span, August 2016 to January 2017. This new approach removes the volatility that occurs when taking an annual snapshot…

  • logo March 24, 2017

    Let’s Get Ready to Bundle

    Consumers want a la carte pricing for pay TV networks, but the number of channels they are willing to shell out for is relatively low, according to a recent study by Hub Entertainment Research. In its latest study – Let’s Get Ready to Bundle – Hub Entertainment asked 1,500 broadband…

  • logo October 11, 2016

    ERICSSON: TV Anytime White Paper

    Shifting consumer behaviors have prompted an explosion in content on demand and non-linear TV viewing. The ability to record any and all shows, without storage constraints or availability limits, is a key component of this shift. Previously considered benefits, consumers now require the ability to pause…

  • logo October 6, 2016

    MARKETING CHARTS: What Factors Would Drive Greater Consumer Engagement With Ads in Online TV Content?

    A majority of TV viewers claim to prefer free ad-supported TV over paid models, but the most mentioned advantages of subscription video-on-demand services relate to the relative absence of commercials, according to a Hub Entertainment Research study. Still, consumers are perceiving an increase in commercials over…

  • logo September 20, 2016

    B&T MAGAZINE: 50% Of Men On Social Media Think’ll Be Famous

    Almost half of all men who use social media believe they will be famous one day – but less than a third of women think the same. The study, commissioned by digital entertainment company MSM Corporation International and conducted by Hub Entertainment Research, found that: More…

  • logo August 9, 2016

    THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD: Megastar Millionaire: The global reality talent show that lets you be the judge

    Commercial television audiences are falling away as viewers choose to binge-watch on-demand shows at any hour they choose, thanks to streaming services such as Netflix. One San Francisco-based company is already five steps ahead, leading the charge on the world’s first mobile-based reality talent show. Based…

  • logo August 8, 2016

    EMARKETER: Hulu Drops Free Streaming Service as OTT Viewership Grows

    Hulu is eliminating its ad-supported service, citing that it has become very limited—and is no longer aligned with the company’s content strategy. However, users will still be able to watch some ad-supported episodes of shows through a distribution deal Hulu signed with Yahoo. Overall, more US…

  • logo July 25, 2016

    FIN FEED: Megastar Millionaire a hit – and it hasn’t even started yet

    Users are potentially willing to pay more to jump on the Megastar Millionaire platform than MSM Corporation (ASX:MSM) first thought. The ASX-listed company tapped Hub Entertainment Research to conduct market testing of its Megastar Millionaire platform ahead of a closed beta test scheduled for September, and…

  • logo July 13, 2016

    TELEVISION BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL: Amazon Prime, Hulu customers also use Netflix

    Amazon Prime and Hulu viewers in the US “almost always” have a Netflix subscription, according to new stats by Hub Entertainment Research. The US research found that 83% of Amazon Prime users, and 93% of Hulu users also use Netflix – the service that claims the…

  • logo July 7, 2016

    CAMPAIGN US: Broadcast TV is on the comeback trail

    Higher ad attention and recall rates signal good news for broadcast and cable The TV business has had a couple of questionable years, but things may be turning up. After two years of consecutive losses, the broadcast and cable networks enjoyed a stronger than usual upfront…

  • logo June 30, 2016

    Multichannel News: CRE: TV Outperforms Digital in Total Ad Recall

    Study shows 62% of TV viewers and 46% of smartphone users recall half of ads. A study unveiled by the Council for Research Excellence shows that TV watchers pay more attention to advertisements than their digital counterparts. According to the study, conducted by Hub Entertainment Research,…

  • logo June 29, 2016

    ADVANCED TELEVISION: TV outperforms digital for ad attention and recall

    Speaking at the annual Nielsen Consumer 360 event, the Council for Research Excellence (CRE) unveiled findings from a new platform usage study that show TV outperforming computer, smartphone and tablet in viewer ad attention and recall. The study, conducted by Hub Entertainment Research, was designed to…

  • logo June 29, 2016

    TELEVISION NEWS DAILY: Screen Size Matters: Nielsen-Backed Study Finds Higher Ad Recall For Shows Viewed On TV Vs. Other Screens

    At a time when consumers — and the ad industry — appear to be blurring platform lines and lumping all forms of TV consumption together, new independent research being released today indicates there still are fundamental differences in the way consumers experience TV programming and ads…

  • logo May 13, 2016

    TECHHIVE: No, Netflix isn’t saving you from 160 hours of ads per year

    A widely circulated report claims Netflix saves its subscribers from 160 hours of commercial breaks every year. The figure, from CordCutting.com, has certainly grabbed attention, having been picked up by plenty of other news outlets including Business Insider, BGR, andFortune. But in reality, the claim is…

  • logo May 13, 2016

    BUSINESS INSIDER: Most people watch online TV shows on this one device

    Television viewing habits are changing thanks to on-demand services such as Netflix and Hulu, but the key word is still “television.” A new study conducted by Hub Research reveals that most people still watch shows on an actual television compared to other devices. Learn More>>

  • logo February 26, 2016

    MEDIAPOST: Consumers Favor Premium Video From Big Media

    Premium digital video, from traditional TV media companies, may be gaining a bigger foothold. A new study says 34% of digital TV viewers would rather watch online video from “big media,” with only 14% preferring video from “independent” creators, according to results from Hub Entertainment Research………

  • logo February 25, 2016

    MEDIAPOST: There’s Room For Traditional Media In Streaming World

    Streaming entertainment is undoubtedly cutting into the time consumers spend watching television, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the end is nigh for traditional television providers.According to Hub Entertainment Research, more than three-quarters (77%) of consumers with broadband access have watched online-only content in the past six…

  • logo February 3, 2016

    SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS NEWS: Super Bowl and Academy Awards still make Americans gather ’round the TV despite DVRs and streaming

    Some Sunday nights around the television never change, no matter how many streaming devices or extra screens we bring to the living room. Just look at the perennial viewing parties for the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards..… Learn More>>

  • logo January 19, 2016

    MEDIA POST: Study: Pay TV Consumers Believe TV Everywhere Isn’t Free

    More than half of pay TV consumers that know about “TV Everywhere” believe it would be an additional cost from networks or pay TV providers. A study by Hub Entertainment Research says 54% believe that TV Everywhere isn’t free, and 53% say they never use it…

  • January 18, 2016

    NEW STUDY: TV Everywhere

    Everything about the concept of “TV Everywhere” seems like a win-win: Pay TV customers enjoy the benefit of access to their subscription content on a variety of devices, at no additional cost; TV networks and MVPDs give customers one less reason to look for entertainment outside the…

  • December 1, 2015

    NEW STUDY: Conquering Content

    Our annual “Conquering Content” study on TV discovery, illustrate the importance for TV providers to offer a deep library of content, organized in a way that’s easy to use.…  Some key findings: The growing use of online TV sources has made viewers more interested than ever…

  • September 17, 2015

    NEW STUDY: Finding Input One

    Our “Finding Input One” study shows dramatic growth in the use of tablets and smartphones for TV viewing. Among consumers 16-64 who watch some TV shows online:… Half use a tablet to view TV shows (51%), a 15-point jump from just last year (36%). More than…

  • logo August 19, 2015

    VARIETY: Universal Search: TV’s Most Aggravating Problem Demands a Total Solution

    In an annual study released by Hub Entertainment Research last December, the absence of a universal search was ranked as the biggest frustration among video consumers, a distinction the shortcoming has held for several years running. Learn More>>

  • logo July 28, 2015

    MEDIAPOST: Mobile TV Watching Rises For Older Viewers

    As online streaming grows, research firm Hub Research found that the average multichannel video customer also uses two online video services. In addition, about 40% of viewers from 16 to 24 now say that Netflix is their “home base” for TV viewing. Learn More>>

  • logo July 27, 2015

    MEDIAPOST: A Mass Medium Without a Mass Media: Live TV Loosing Default Status

    DVRs and OTT services have been eroding the primacy of live TV for years, but in just the last two, prime-time viewing has hit a clear tipping point. According to the latest tracking study of TV habits from Hub Entertainment Research, the share of viewers who…

  • July 23, 2015

    NEW STUDY: Decoding the Default

    In a very short time, online TV sources have become more common than not: more than three-fourths of TV consumers watch online to some extent, and the average pay TV customer uses 2 or more online TV sources in addition to their MVPD subscription. So now…

  • April 13, 2015

    NEW STUDY: 2015 What’s TV Worth

    Findings from the third wave show that traditional pay TV subscriptions remain ubiquitous, even among young consumers. But this year there’s increasing evidence that the center of gravity for television has already shifted away from live TV, and onto online video alternatives. More sources: In 2015, three…

  • logo March 19, 2015

    MEDIAPOST: Time Shifting Has become The Default

    According to the recent The Hub Entertainment Research survey, conducted among 1,210 TV viewers aged 16-74 who watch at least 5 hours of TV per week and who have broadband access at home, ad avoidance is a factor in time-shifting, but not the main one. 60%…

  • logo March 7, 2015

    EMARKETER: Marathon Viewing Sprints Forward

    The majority of TV fans are marathoners—marathon-viewers, that is. According to a November 2014 study by HUB Research, 55% of US TV viewers marathon-viewed at least occasionally, with 21% doing so frequently. Meanwhile, only 17% had never watched some, most or all of a season’s worth…

  • logo March 7, 2015

    MEDIA POST: Inability To Skip Commercials Frustrated VOD Owners

    Although video on demand is a big benefit to many TV viewers, one element of VOD activity remains a frustration: Not being able to skip through commercials. A new report reveals that 41% of those surveyed say having the fast-forward function disabled on VOD is a…

  • logo March 5, 2015

    EMARKETER: Netflix, Cable Battle for Millennials’ Attention

    According to HUB Research polling conducted in February 2015, 61% of US millennials’ time spent watching TV was time shifted, vs. less than 40% spent viewing live content. In comparison, time shifted and live viewing were relatively even among on the general population, though time shifting…

  • February 26, 2015

    NEW STUDY: Time shifting

    New research from Hub Entertainment Research shows that technology continues to erode consumers’ association between their favorite shows, and the particular day-and-time that they air on linear TV.    According to Hub Entertainment Research’s most recent study, “Time Shifting”… Viewers time-shift more TV than they watch live.    The…

  • logo February 12, 2015

    EMARKETER: Are Premium Networks Keeping Pay TV Alive?

    Just 13% of pay TV subscribers said they would drop pay TV entirely if they could get access to premium channel content without a cable subscription, and 27% wouldn’t make any changes. However, cord-shaving could take place instead. Learn More>>

  • logo February 10, 2015

    TV TECHNOLOGY: Locating Shows Becomes a Cross-Platform Challenge

    The desire to be able to find (not just “search” for) programs becomes even greater in the on-demand realm, whether viewed via cable or online sources. Now add in the multi-platform access provided via smart TVs and new services such as Sony’s PlayStation Vue—which can deliver…

  • logo February 2, 2015

    MULTICHANNEL NEWS: Lost and Found

    Media consumers have said their “No. 1 need” is for “a universal listing to find shows across all TV sources,” including the vast array of over-the-top and online video content, according to “Conquering Content,” a December, 2014 study of some 1,250 U.S. television viewers with broadband…

  • January 30, 2015

    NEW STUDY: The New TV Experience

    It’s important to remember that new TV technology hasn’t only changed the traditional TV watching experience. Just as the iPod changed how consumers define the experience of music, there are now fundamentally new TV behaviors and occasions that never existed before. Many of these have a…