January 10, 2022


Something to Talk About: Voice Commands and Entertainment Content

 Voice recognition and voice control have been widely used by consumers on their smartphones and in their cars for a number of years, paving the way for smart speakers, one of the most rapidly adopted home technologies ever. Despite the rapid changes in this space, it can also be said that voice-controlled devices are still evolving. Next up: always-listening Amazon-branded TV sets with built-in Alexa capability, removing the requirement for countertop Alexa devices.

Regardless of how one considers the level of development of the market, voice tech is already changing how consumers interact with a wide variety of providers, devices, and content in their home. Any entertainment content that requires “play” or “pause” buttons, changing inputs, adjusting volume, or searching for content will be impacted by the growth of voice control devices and the increasing comfort of consumers in using voice tech.

This study will explore how Americans use voice control technology, whether in TV sets, smart speakers, or embedded into other devices. What are the use cases?… Is voice tech living up to users’ expectations?… Are privacy concerns becoming a more important issue? Among non-users, we’ll explore why – or why not – those consumers plan to adopt voice tech, and in particular, smart speakers.

The report will help inform clients as to the trajectory of voice control tech in entertainment and the potential impact on their businesses. Particularly insightful will be the ability to show how key metrics have changed in the two years since Hub’s Voice Control report in 2019.

Source: Interviews with 2,500 U.S. consumers aged 16-74