April 7, 2022


US households are getting SMARTer (smart TVs, smart home, smart speakers, smartphones, etc.) every year, changes that impact the use of media technology – and thus media itself. With digital delivery, content is increasingly severed from a specific platform and capable of being delivered to the preferred platform at a particular time – a TV at night, a smartphone during a commute, a smart speaker while cooking dinner, a smart watch while jogging.

This untethering of content, and consumer embrace of it beyond early adopters, means it is increasingly important for media stakeholders to understand how consumers are investing in new devices, and in how they mix-and-match media tech to suit their desire to watch (or listen, or read) what they want, when they want, and where they want.

2022 marks the fourth year of Hub’s Entertainment+Tech tracking study. As in previous years, the Connected Home report will provide a broad look at entertainment and smart home technology in US households, as well as intentions to purchase new media tech and how people approach those purchases. With historical trends going back to 2019, our data will reveal what devices are trending hot and cold in today’s media technology market.

This study will continue to provide content producers and distributors with insights that will help them better understand the marketplace and better inform strategy and investment decisions.

Source: Interviews with 5,204 U.S. consumers age 16-74