May 23, 2022

2022 Battle Royale

So many options, so little time. That may be a tired cliché, but if you’re a consumer of any type of entertainment these days—from linear TV, to streaming video, movies, music, sports, gaming, books, reading materials, podcasts, etc.—that notion has never been more relevant.

And if you create or distribute content, knowing how consumers choose between those options and who you’re competing with has never been more important.

Hub’s “Battle Royale” study will deconstruct how consumers allocate their entertainment time and money across their various entertainment options. It will identify:

  • Which services they simply “must have” and which are just nice to have
  • For those with multiple “must have services”, how the services rank against each other
  • What it is that makes certain services “must have”
  • How their services are used, and which others compete for time with their “top” services
  • Which services not currently used are being considered for future use
  • Which service is the “go to” in a variety of specific situations

You’ll come away from this study understanding where your service(s) fit in the entertainment ecosystem, who your competitors are (including those you didn’t even realize were your competitors) and which consumers you should consider pursuing for your share of their time and/or money.

Source: Interviews with 3,014 U.S. consumers age 18-74 who are entertainment decision-makers