December 4, 2023

2023 BATTLE ROYALE – Wave 4

The findings in the third wave of “Battle Royale” remained consistent with the earlier waves – the average household is using almost 13 different sources of entertainment, with only about half being video, and only half of those overall sources are “Must Haves”.

  This wave of “Battle Royale” will continue to trend key findings from the previous waves, with two additional areas of focus:

  • Bundles as “Must Have” Source
    • Currently, Amazon Prime is the only bundle we ask about as a “Must Have”, if a household says they have Amazon Prime AND uses Prime Video, Amazon Music and/or Prime Gaming
    • We’re going to be implementing a similar approach for Apple One and for the Disney Bundle:
      • We’ll first ask if they have the bundle, describing it and its component services in detail
      • In each appropriate section, we’ll still ask if the household uses the specific service from those bundles
      • For those who say they have the bundle AND the household uses at least one of its component services, they will be asked if the bundle is a “Must Have” (the component services will not be individually asked)
    • Replacing the new bundling exercise, we added last wave (which will be back next wave, recurring every other wave) will be an extended battery of attitudinal statements, building off the current statements. Given results over time have been fairly consistent, this will allow us to review the data from other perspectives in order to provide new and deeper insights.

Source: Interviews with 2,972 US entertainment decision-makers age 18-74