February 25, 2019

Evolution of Video Branding | 2019 FOOD

OVERVIEW: The Evolution of Video Branding will explore consumers’ perceptions of TV content and distribution brands—and explore how those perceptions influence what they choose to watch, and where they choose to watch it.

When it comes to the evolution of the TV business, 2019 promises to be a watershed year. Several established TV network brands (including Disney and Viacom) are set to launch distribution platforms this year, at least one (Discovery) is considering the same, one technology giant (Apple) will be entering the content creation fray, and major online and social media firms (YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat) will accelerate their push into both branded content and distribution.

What’s more, these new developments will be occurring as SVODs continue their transformation from content distributors to content creators, and as various cable networks rebrand themselves with a new content focus.

The Evolution of Video Branding will explore TV consumers’ attitudes and behaviors in the face of this massively shifting brand landscape. The study will assess which brands—established, new, and transformed—viewers will trust most to meet their needs for TV content and service. It will determine how brand perceptions translate into both viewing and platform decisions. And it will look at how all of the above has changed over time—in particular, since our late-2016 study on the “Branding of TV”.

Online survey with 1,692 U.S. consumers age 16-74 who have broadband access at home and watch a minimum of 1 hour of TV per week.