December 28, 2018

New TV Times and Places | 2018 FOOD

“New TV Times and Places” will explore how new platforms, new devices, and new content formats are changing consumers’ video consumption habits.

 “Appointment TV” viewing—watching a TV show live, on its scheduled day and time, on a big-screen set. That time-honored tradition still exists. But today, linear viewing of traditional TV shows competes with an ever-growing number of new options for how consumers spend their video entertainment time.

These new options…

  • Include new forms of content, from professionally produced short-form videos, to eSports events, videos from online “influencers”, social media “stories,” and livestreaming.
  • Include non-traditional sources for accessing this content, from devices like smartphones and tablets, and from platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and genre-focused OTT streaming channels.
  • Have created occasions for viewing that have never existed before: watching a sitcom on your way to work, binge viewing an entire season of a show on the very day the season begins, using a mobile device to watch something different from what everyone else in the room is watching, re-watching the last few minutes of a show while you’re waiting in line at the post office.

New TV Times and Places will explore how these new formats, platforms, and occasions have redefined video viewing—and how they’ve influenced perceptions of, and time spent with, traditional TV viewing. The study will also include data trended back to our 2017 “TV Redefined” study.

Online survey with 1,635 U.S. consumers age 14-74 who have high-speed internet access from either fixed broadband service at home, or from their wireless provider and watch a minimum of 1 hour of TV per week.