December 19, 2016

The Branding of TV | 2016 Comcast

Today’s TV consumer is faced with unprecedented choice—in the providers they can choose for TV access, the networks they can turn to in their search for content they’ll enjoy, and the individual shows they can decide to try out.

Hub’s Branding of TV study looks at the role that brand plays in how TV viewers make their TV provider and viewing decisions. Specifically, the study offers insight into:

  • TV, Defined: What brands do consumers equate with TV viewing in general? What TV brands are most top-of-mind?
  • Categories: How do consumers make sense of the dizzying array of TV brands that exist today? Which are considered providers of service? Which are considered providers of content?
  • Image: Which brands do consumers feel most familiar with? Which have the most distinct identities? Which specific characteristics do viewers associate with different brands?
  • Preference: If viewers could only choose a handful of network brands, which would they be? Which networks are most successful in persuading consumers to give a new show a try?
  • Source Impact: How well do viewers recognize the brands that originally produced the content they see from non-linear sources?

The study was conducted among 1,300 consumers aged 16-74, who watch 5+ hours of TV and have broadband service at home.