April 17, 2017

What’s TV Worth? | 2017 AT&T

“What’s TV Worth” is Hub’s annual tracking study on the perceived value of TV sources. It measures which sources viewers feel offer them the greatest value, the factors that cause them to value some sources more than others, and how perceptions of value have changed over time.

Broadly speaking, the research explores:

  • Use of Specific TV Sources: Including pay TV (live TV, VOD, DVR, authenticated TVE), SVODs (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc.), network standalones, and virtual MVPDs
  • Pay TV “Deep Dive”: Changes in the number of cord cutters, cord “shavers”, and cord “nevers”, the factors that drive these behaviors, where their TV time is allocated instead, and how many ultimately return to pay TV
  • TV Devices: How viewing is allocated across devices—including devices used to watch (e.g. TV, tablet, computer, smartphone) and TV connectors (Roku, Apple TV, game consoles, Smart TVs)
  • Value: Which types of TV sources (e.g. MVPDs, SVODs, etc.), and which specific brands, offer the best value for the money, according to consumers
  • Drivers of Choice: Which features and capabilities have the most impact on which TV sources consumers choose over others

The study was conducted among 2,026 consumers aged 16-74, who watch 5+ hours of TV and have broadband service at home.