April 21, 2017

New Research Provides In-Depth Look At TV Everywhere Viewing

CTAM and Hub Entertainment Research released results of a recent tracking study on TV Everywhere (TVE) viewing, based on reported consumer data collected continuously across a six-month span, August 2016 to January 2017. This new approach removes the volatility that occurs when taking an annual snapshot at a single moment in time, providing CTAM members with a more nuanced look at who is streaming TV Everywhere content, the impact on customer perceptions, and the potential of instant sign on solutions.

At this point, the industry has accomplished the deployment and adoption goals set by member companies when the CTAM initiative launched in 2014.  Each of the top MVPDs, 400 smaller independent cable companies, and more than 100 networks are delivering the experience across dozens of devices.  Aided awareness of the concept of streaming content as a benefit of a TV provider subscription stands at 73% among cable subscribers (Ages 18-64).  Furthermore, in January 2017, half (51%) of cable subscribers reported viewing TV Everywhere content in the past month and 56% reported viewing in the past six months.

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