April 13, 2015

NEW STUDY: 2015 What’s TV Worth

Findings from the third wave show that traditional pay TV subscriptions remain ubiquitous, even among young consumers. But this year there’s increasing evidence that the center of gravity for television has already shifted away from live TV, and onto online video alternatives.

  • More sources: In 2015, three quarters (74%) of those with an MVPD subscription also use at least one online TV source.  In fact, the average MVPD subscribers users 2.4 different sources to watch TV online (up from 2.0 in 2013)
  • More devices:  Among those who watch online at all, the average viewer now watches on or through 3.3 different devices (up from just 2.3 in 2013)
  • New TV habits:  In 2013, 50% of all respondents said that live TV was their default TV source–the first thing they turned on when they wanted to watch TV.  In 2015, that number has fallen to just 38% who say that live TV is their default.


About the research

“2015: What’s TV Worth” is an annual tracking study among 1,500 US consumers with broadband, who watch at least 5 hours of TV per week. The study was conducted in April 2015.