February 26, 2015

NEW STUDY: Time shifting

New research from Hub Entertainment Research shows that technology continues to erode consumers’ association between their favorite shows, and the particular day-and-time that they air on linear TV. 
According to Hub Entertainment Research’s most recent study, “Time Shifting”…
  • Viewers time-shift more TV than they watch live.    The average viewer says that 47% of the TV shows they watch are live and 53% are time-shifted.
  • Among Millennials, time shifting is even more common.  Viewers 16-34 say that only 39% of the TV they watch in a typical week is live.  
  • Most time-shifted viewing still happens through a set top box. Together, DVRs (34%) and VOD from a pay TV provider (19%) account for more than half of all time-shifted viewing.


About the research

Time Shifting is a new research study among 1,200 US consumers with broadband, and who watch at least 5 hours of TV per week. A report with additional findings from this study is available from Hub Entertainment Research. The study was conducted in February 2015.