October 18, 2022

Breaking Apple: AppleTV+ Adds Vince Gilligan’s Upcoming Series to its Prestige TV Lineup

According to Evan Shapiro, CEO of change agency ESHAPthe ascent of “lifestyle bundle” streamers such as Amazon and Apple TV+ has got experts talking about what that ultimately means for the future of the industry. The streaming services of these major companies have a built-in dynamism that strengthens their position in the marketplace over traditional platforms such as Netflix and Hulu because they offer subscribers much more than just streaming. Due to their deep pockets and market versatility, services such as Apple TV+ can afford to invest large amounts of money on “Apple Originals” without the same inherent concerns over churn that have recently impacted Netflix, and Amazon has also benefited from their vast resources with the ability to invest in award-winning original programming from Amazon Studios.

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